Middle School Promotion Requirements

Lenoir County Public School System policy (3420) states the following in regards to promotion requirements:

The superintendent shall develop (1) proposed promotion standards and (2) a process to be used in determining a student’s readiness to progress to the next level of study and shall submit the standards and process to the board for approval.  The standards will be based, in part, upon proficiency in reading.  The standards and process must provide multiple criteria for assessing a student’s readiness to progress to the next level of study, such as standardized test scores, formative and diagnostic assessments, grades, a portfolio or anthology of the student’s work and, when appropriate, accepted standards for assessing developmental growth.  The standards and process will incorporate all state law and State Board of Education policy requirements, including those for the assessment and promotion of third grade students as described in G.S. 115C-83.6 et seq. and State Board of Education Policies GCS-J-002 and -003.

Principals shall ensure that the promotion standards are used by teachers and school administrators in assessing each student’s readiness to progress to the next level of study.  Principals have the authority to promote or retain students based upon the standards approved by the board and any applicable standards set by the State Board of Education.

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