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LCPS offers other types of leave not noted here. For a full explanation of benefits, please refer to the North Carolina Public Schools Benefits and Employment Policy Manual.

Annual Leave

Annual Leave, usually referred to as vacation, is earned at rates based on experience by all permanent personnel employed at least half-time. Employees may use earned leave upon the approval of their immediate supervisor. It may also be used in lieu of sick leave or for absences resulting from adverse weather conditions; however, instructional personnel may not use this leave on days when students are scheduled to be in attendance.

Sick Leave

Sick Leave is earned by all permanent personnel employed at least half-time and may be granted for any period of temporary disability, illness, or death in the employee's immediate family. Medical documentation of illness may be required.

Extended Sick Leave

Extended Sick Leave may be requested only by teachers and may be granted for periods of up to 20 days annually after earned sick leave has been exhausted. Full salary less the appropriate substitute deduction is paid. This leave may be used for personal illness of the employee only, and medical documentation may be required.

Non-paid Leave

Non-Paid Leave may be granted by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. All permanent personnel employed at least half-time are eligible for non-paid leave for up to one calendar year for the birth or adoption of a child. Return dates from this leave must coincide with reasonable divisions in the school calendar. Uninterrupted coverage of health insurance on a self-paid basis may be arranged by contacting the appropriate health benefits representative in the payroll office.

Personal Leave

Personal Leave is available only to teachers. Accumulated balance may not exceed five days. All personal leave days require a deduction for a substitute. Requests must be received at least five days in advance. Personal leave is not to be used on the first day of the school year, on protected workdays, or on the day before or after holidays and scheduled vacation days. Personal leave cannot be advanced.

Professional Leave

Professional Leave may be either short-term or long-term. Short-term leaves may not exceed three days for in-state meetings or five days for out-of-state meetings. There is a limit often days per school year. Payment for substitutes is by salary deduction unless funding is provided by a budget manager. Long-term professional leave is available to tenured employees for periods of up to one year. This is non-paid leave, and application must be made well in advance (by May 15 for subsequent school year).

Military or Jury Duty

Paid leave for Military or Jury Duty is available as required. Supporting documents must be attached to the Request of Leave.

Questions about leave?

Certified personnel transferring from another school district should email or call Sharron Bizzell at 252-527-1109.

Classified personnel transferring from another school district should email or call Susie Jones at 252-527-1109.

Current LCPS employees with questions about Short Term Disability, FMLA, and Paid Parental Leave should email or call Andrew Mozingo at 252-527-1109.