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Workers Compensation

Regarding Work-Related Injuries


Workers’ Compensation

Policy Statement: Lenoir County Public Schools (LCPS) is dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. In the event of a work-related injury or illness, LCPS provides Workers’ Compensation coverage in accordance with North Carolina General Statute Chapter 97.

Reporting Procedures: Employees must promptly report any work-related injuries to their school administration or the Finance Department at Central Office. For life-threatening injuries, immediate attention at the nearest emergency room is required. Otherwise, employees must follow the established protocol of reporting to the designated Workers’ Compensation provider, Fast Med as of March 2024.  You can also use this link to self-report an injury:  


Insurance Claims: Upon reporting an injury, employees grant permission for the school administration and Finance Office to handle the filing of insurance claims with the appropriate insurer. Employees also consent to the release of pertinent personal information regarding their claim as required.


Documentation Requirements: Employees are obligated to provide appropriate documentation within 24 hours of any medical appointments related to their claim and injury to the appropriate authorities.


Return-to-Work Protocol: Employees must adhere to their physician’s determined restrictions until deemed "fit for duty." Failure to accept transitional duty assignments or suitable employment, as determined by medical restrictions, may result in termination of workers’ compensation benefits in accordance with the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.


Compensation and Leave Usage: During any required appointments, whether initial or subsequent, LCPS will compensate employees. However, any unworked time before or after appointments without prior physician’s approval will be subject to leave usage or time off without pay.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits: North Carolina law prohibits Workers' Compensation wages for the first seven days following the injury. If an employee’s inability to work extends beyond this period and they are deemed unable to work by their physician or the workers’ comp administrator and supervisor, they will receive Workers’ Compensation benefits until deemed "fit for duty." These benefits will amount to sixty-six and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the employee's average weekly wages at LCPS at the time of injury, not exceeding the earnings of the 52 weeks immediately preceding the injury date. Employees may contact the workers’ comp administrator to supplement the remaining missing income of thirty-three and one-third percent (33 1/3%) using sick leave.


Light Duty Protocol: When an employee is assigned light duty status by a medical provider without explicit instructions on restrictions, LCPS will assume specific restrictions and transitional employment opportunities. Upon receipt of a medical provider's recommendation for light duty status without explicit instructions, the employee informs their immediate supervisor. The supervisor assesses the employee's job responsibilities and determines suitable light duty tasks within the specified restrictions. HR documents the approved light duty tasks and restrictions, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and policies. The supervisor communicates the assigned light duty tasks and restrictions to the employee and provides any necessary training or instructions. The employee performs the assigned light duty tasks while adhering to the specified restrictions. Once the employee is cleared by the medical provider to resume regular duties, HR facilitates the transition back to their original job responsibilities in consultation with the supervisor. HR maintains records of the employee's light duty status and any accommodations provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Compliance: All LCPS employees, supervisors, and HR personnel are expected to comply with this procedure and work collaboratively to facilitate suitable light duty assignments for employees with medical restrictions.


Workers’ Compensation Policy Addendum (Pregnant Employees):

Policy Statement: LCPS recognizes the unique circumstances surrounding workplace injuries for pregnant employees, prioritizing their health and well-being along with that of their unborn child.


Treatment Protocol for Pregnant Employees: Pregnant employees may choose to seek treatment from their primary doctor instead of the designated Workers’ Compensation provider, Fast Med Urgent Care, in cases of workplace injuries.


Reporting and Claim Procedures: Despite the variance in treatment, it remains mandatory for employees to promptly report any workplace injuries, including those related to pregnancy, to their school administration or the Finance Department at Central Office.


Compliance and Oversight: LCPS emphasizes the importance of complying with all reporting and follow-up procedures outlined in the Workers’ Compensation Policy, even in cases where alternative treatment options are pursued due to pregnancy-related injuries. This addendum serves to provide clarity and accommodation for pregnant employees while maintaining the integrity of the overall policy.


Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines are crucial for the efficient handling of workers' compensation matters. If you have any questions or need further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or your Benefits Specialist.