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About LCPS


Lenoir County Public Schools (LCPS) serves about 8,300 K-12 students, providing academic instruction and support at 17 facilities in Kinston/Lenoir County, North Carolina. We believe that setting high standards for all students creates a greater opportunity for future success. Each day, our teachers and support staff strive to make the educational opportunities in LCPS relevant to the lives of our children by creating an exciting and engaging place to learn, and preparing them to be leaders in a technologically savvy and globally competitive world. LCPS offers a range of specialized programs, and we also educate, support and meet the needs of students with learning and physical disabilities. LCPS is one of the largest employers in Lenoir County with approximately 1,300 teachers, support staff and administrators.

Our Mission
Lenoir County Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, educates all students to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision
Lenoir County Public Schools aspires to be the school system of choice by introducing, exploring, and specializing in a variety of educational and career opportunities.

Our Goals
Goal 1: LCPS students will graduate from high school prepared to begin a career in the workforce or with a plan to complete their preparation for a career in an institution of higher education or the military.
Goal 2: LCPS shall provide a positive, safe, and healthy learning environment for all students and staff.
Goal 3: LCPS students will all have the opportunity to complete two years of college work while in high school.
Goal 4: LCPS educators shall support systemic school improvement by implementing consistent procedures and processes that focus on the use of data to inform instruction, attending and contributing to Professional Learning Communities, creating and adapting curriculum guides, and administering and interpreting benchmark assessments.
Goal 5: LCPS teachers shall provide quality planned instruction aligned to standards, supported with digital integration, monitored with assessments, and measured by proficiency and growth indicators.

  • LCPS students will be proficient in reading by the end of the second grade.
  • LCPS students will enter kindergarten ready to complete the standard course of study work required for the kindergarten year.
  • LCPS students will transition from the fifth to sixth grade without a dip in their academic and behavior and performance.
  • LCPS students will enter into the ninth grade ready to complete their core high school classes within the first five semesters of high school.