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Lenoir County Public School students have the opportunity to earn eight units of credit during one academic year upon successful completion of all course requirements. Most high school courses are taught on a 90-minute instructional block schedule, also known as a 4 x 4 schedule. The academic year consists of two semesters – a fall term and a spring term. More high school credits may be earned through the utilization of extended opportunities such as NCVPS and Career and College Promise.

While in high school, students should take advantage of available opportunities. In addition to preparing students for their next level of education or future employment, studies in high school should equip students with skills and information necessary to gain a broad perspective on the world and its possibilities. Student should take the following guidelines into consideration when selecting the appropriate courses:

  • Understand the requirements for graduation
  • Consider courses that provide a background for plans after high school; educational and/or career
  • Discuss course options with parents, teachers, and counselors, and
  • Select courses consistent with a four-year plan.

High School Course Selection Guidebook

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