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NC Virtual Public School


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The purpose of the North Carolina Virtual Public School is to provide courses at no cost for students who are unable to schedule courses at their local schools. “Virtual learning” means registered students can take classes using their own computers, over the Internet. All students must have an operational computer available to them through their home, school, library, or other means in order to participate in this program. See the NCVPS website for minimal computer requirements.


Course content, assignments and demonstrations are provided on an anytime, anywhere basis. Teachers and students may talk to one another over the phone or over their computers. When students complete assignments, they can send their papers or tests to their teachers electronically. Grading and individual remarks are sent from the teacher to the student in the same way.

Online learning isn’t for everyone. It takes a great deal of commitment, discipline and an occasional nudge from a dedicated parent or guardian. Attributes such as commitment, self-motivation and conscientious time management will greatly contribute to a student’s success as a virtual learner. Students should also have a good working knowledge of email, file transfers, the Internet and good keyboarding skills. Advanced computer skills are not necessary. Since most student communications are written, the ability to comprehend written instructions and to write clearly to communicate ideas and complete assignments is essential.

Every NCVPS course will be taught by NC certified teachers who are experts in their subject matter and have been trained to teach effectively in an online environment. Teachers and students interact regularly through email, voice mail, telephone conversations, and instant messenger. Students are encouraged to contact the teacher when there is a need.

To take an NCVPS course, students will need to contact their high school counselor each semester prior to registering with NCVPS. If students take a NCVPS course through Lenoir County Public Schools, then they must take the course for high school credit. Students may not withdraw from a NCVPS course after the 10-day drop period. See the NCVPS contact counselor at your school and visit for more information and course offerings. Limited funding is available and course enrollment must be pre-approved.

NCVPS AP courses:
AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Government and Politics US
AP Human Geography
AP Music Theory
AP Psychology
AP United States History
AP World History