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Digital learning is the centerpiece of instruction at LCPS, built around an initiative that began in 2014 called iLCPS, or Individualized Learning Creates Personal Success. Our district's track record with this initiative -- our experience and the proven success of our teachers in creating innovative lessons with iPads, MacBooks and an array of other Apple devices -- has earned the rare Apple Distinguished School recognition for 12 of our schools.

Today, all 8,300-plus K-12 students are provided iPads as their primary tool in a blended learning environment. Teachers and school administrators are provided iPads and MacBooks. And, because digital learning is more about teaching than it is about tools, LCPS has invested heavily in professional development and support for teachers as they transition to digital learning techniques, using resources available from Apple and our own district experts.

The front line of this support and development effort is our corps of Digital Learning Specialists – a dedicated position at each school – and the district-level Digital Learning Instructional Coordinator who leads them. The DLS’s guide weekly professional development sessions with school staff, coach individual teachers and disseminate teaching tips and lesson plans built around district-wide themes.

LCPS's commitment to teacher support, as much as its success with digital learning, figured significantly in our schools' bid for Apple Distinguished School recognition, an honor bestowed by Apple on fewer than 900 schools around the world.

True to its name, iLCPS has dramatically increased the ability of teachers to individualize instruction, particularly in elementary schools. Working with personalized learning software like Waterford Early Learning Program and leveraging the document sharing and data collection features of Seesaw and Canvas, our document management systems, teachers are not only better able to meet the needs of individual students but also to track their progress and tailor their instruction.

We ask parents of new students to familiarize themselves with iLCPS and commit to helping our schools and teachers protect the digital devices from damage and ensure their proper use. On this page are links to videos and documents that will introduce new students and their parents to this exciting program of 21st century learning.