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Middle School

Junior Honor Society sash, blue in color

Bridging the gap

The goal of middle level education is to encourage academic excellence in an atmosphere that emphasizes the individual and provides the support needed to bridge the gap between elementary and high school, while providing developmentally appropriate instructional strategies.

Middle school is a special way of thinking about students and their instructional needs. The Middle Level Program provides students with opportunities to question and explore, to achieve and succeed, and to belong and participate, and to think and create. An organizational structure which includes interdisciplinary teams and a flexible block schedule is the basis of the middle school program.

To create smaller and more personal communities of learning, schools are organized in interdisciplinary teams. Typically, teams are two to six teachers representing different academic disciplines who share the same group of students, a similar schedule, and share the same part of the building. Depending on the flexibility of the individual school’s schedule, teams may utilize large blocks of time to group and regroup students for instruction to best meet their needs.