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Planning Your Future

The Middle Level Program builds the foundation for high school success, and planning your educational program is one of the most important steps to a successful high school experience. The information below will help you plan for high school and beyond.

Planning for High School

High school students take rigorous courses that build the foundation for success in college, the military or the workforce. The Future Ready Core Course of Study was established by the NC State Board of Education as the minimum units required for graduation. You can view high school graduation requirements in this document or on the LCPS High School Program Planning Guide. (En español)

The following pages of this guide provide additional information for your high school planning, including the University of North Carolina System Minimum Course Requirements for entrance into the 16 UNC System universities. Although you are not yet in high school, it is helpful to have an understanding of what is to come.

In the spring of your eighth grade year, you will be given the High School Program Planning Guide which outlines the entire high school program. The guide can be found at the link listed above. At that time, you will also be guided by your eighth grade teachers and school counselors in selecting courses for ninth grade. This process includes choosing your ninth grade courses and projecting your tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade courses. When you are in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades, your high school teachers and school counselors will continue to assist you as you choose courses for the next school year and plan for your future.

Exploring Careers

Exploring your career interests will help you with high school planning. Consider taking a career interest inventory to help you focus on what you might want to consider for a career. Knowing more about your interests and skills will help you plan for you high school experience. You can take a free interest inventory at

Another helpful resource for an 8th grader preparing for high school is By logging in to your unique account with Major Clarity using your student email, you can find careers that meet your interests and learning style. On, you will build your Academic Career Plan which includes your 4-year plan for high school and will be able to test drive careers related to your interests.



Will the grades earned in high school courses taken in middle school appear on the high school transcript? Yes. The grade will be listed in the transcript under Grades 6, 7, or 8 with one unit of credit.

Will the grade earned be included in the student’s high school grade point average (GPA)? No. Only courses taken during the high school years will be included the student’s grade point average.

Are students required to take a standard exam for the course? Students taking NC Math 1 must take the NC Math 1 End of Course Test, which counts as 20% of their final grade. Students taking other high school math courses will take a teacher-made exam that counts as 20% of their final grade.