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North Carolina Teachers and State Employees Retirement System:

The Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS) is a defined benefit plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Defined benefit plans use a formula to calculate monthly retirement benefits once eligibility requirements have been met. Membership in TSERS is automatic for eligible employees. You become a TSERS member on your hire date if you are full time.

 You, the state of North Carolina and the investment earnings on total contributions pay the cost of providing your retirement benefits. Your share of the cost is currently six percent of your compensation, and it is automatically deducted from your paycheck. Your compensation includes all eligible salaries and wages, as defined by statute, paid to you from public funds, earned at your covered job while working for the state.

If something happens to you, the payout of each of your NC Total Retirement Plans, including the NC pension plan and all supplemental plans, is governed by the beneficiary designation on file with each different plan provider. It is imperative that you provide the NC Retirement Division with your desired beneficiary through the ORBIT website within the first four months of your employment.

Supplemental Retirement Plans | Empower (formerly Prudential):

If you wish to fund additional means of retirement (i.e 401k or 457) or rollover previously saved funds, please visit this website to enroll and rollover your funds:

And complete the information under "Get Ready to Enroll." Select "No" and then select "Schools System" and then "Lenoir County Public Schools." Be sure to copy down the Plan Number and the Sub-Plan Number when they pop up as you will need them on the next screen. Proceed from there.

You may also reach them at: 1-866-627-5267

Robinson & Associates:

Lenoir County Public Schools partners with The Lincoln Investment Companies to provide you direct access to investment opportunities. You may reach out to either Tyler Curlee at (252) 756-1728 or Brian Nethercutt at (252) 215-2241 for more information. Or by visiting their website:

Retirement Guide for Lenoir County Public School Employees

LCPS employees may reach out directly to Benefits Specialist, Andrew Mozingo, by email or by calling Central Office.