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Workers Compensation

Regarding Work-Related Injuries

Reporting Work-Related Injuries:
If you sustain an injury while performing work duties for Lenoir County Public Schools, it is crucial to promptly report the incident. Notify your school administration or the Finance Department at Central Office as soon as possible. Or use this link: Report a Workplace Injury

Emergency Situations:
In case of a life-threatening injury, seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room by any means necessary.

Workers' Compensation Provider:
As of July 2023, our designated Workers' Compensation provider is Fast Med. Follow the established protocol for reporting injuries to Fast Med, unless it is a life-threatening situation requiring emergency care.

Insurance Claims Process:
Your school administration and the Finance Office will assist you in filing insurance claims with the appropriate insurer. Provide all necessary documentation within 24 hours of any medical appointments related to your claim and injury.

Physician's Restrictions:
According to the law, you are only permitted to work within your physician's determined definition of restrictions until you receive a "fit for duty" status. This may involve limitations on certain tasks or duties. If transitional duty assignments or suitable employment are offered and refused, the superintendent or designee may direct the termination of workers' compensation benefit payments.

Compensation for Appointments:
Lenoir County Public Schools will compensate you during any medical appointments, whether initial or subsequent. Any unworked time before or after appointments without prior physician's request may be subject to leave usage or time off without pay.

Waiting Period for Compensation:
Please be aware that, as per North Carolina law, the Workers' Compensation insurance provider cannot pay you any wages for the first seven days following the injury. During this period, you may be subject to leave usage or time off without pay.

Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines are crucial for the efficient handling of workers' compensation matters. If you have any questions or need further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or your Benefits Specialist.