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Graduation admires diploma

Our home

LCPS exists to serve some 8,300 students – to help them grow as individuals and as members of a community, to ensure their well-being, to teach them the skills they’ll need to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life. Along the way, we get them to and from school, feed them nutritious meals and organize and supervise the athletic and extracurricular activities that fill their off-school hours.

The place that LCPS occupies in the lives of Lenoir County’s youth and in the life of Lenoir County isn’t lost on our employees. Nearly all school-age children attend our public schools, and the great majority of those who begin kindergarten here graduate from our high schools. It’s a long journey and one for which the young travelers need to be properly equipped and carefully guided. 

It is the privilege of LCPS administrators, teachers and support staff to outfit and usher them, and it is with pride that we watch their progress. We have come to know and care for them. They are all our children.