Community Partnerships

The business of Lenoir County Public Schools is instruction. It is a business, however, in which LCPS is happy to take on like-minded partners.We welcome the involvement of parents and community organizations in the the work of preparing our students for a prosperous and fulfilling future.

As students and parents have certain expectations of this school district, LCPS has certain expectations of community agencies who seek to collaborate with us in the educational process. To collaborate means to share a goal. LCPS’s goal is to make learning opportunities relevant to the lives of our children by creating an exciting and engaging place to learn, and to provide a personalized education focused on the interest and individual choices of our students. Organizations that understand this goal and whose collaboration supports its attainment are considered for partnerships with particular schools or with the school district as a whole.

How does an organization know if it would be a good fit for LCPS and its schools? Learning as much as possible about a school or the school district, either by exploring the LCPS website or conversations with school and district staff, is the best place to start. Our school administrators are committed to working with the community and identifying opportunities for community input.

Every day in LCPS, individuals, churches and civic groups put countless hours of volunteer time toward giving our schools something extra. LCPS is grateful for this help. Our schools are better for it, and so is our community.

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