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From time to time, LCPS or one of its school is presented with a gift from a community member or an organization that wishes to support the school and school district.  At other times, LCPS solicits donations for specific purposes, such as the district's annual school supply drive mounted in late summer.  We are always grateful for the assistance.

Because these gifts are made to a public institution, certain rules apply, particularly with donations made by a parent organization associated with a school.

Any item that a parent organization proposes to contribute to a school must meet all legal requirements, including safety codes.  Before accepting a donation of equipment, supplies or funds, the principal must notify the superintendent and ensure that the donation complies with the requirements of policy 8220, Gifts and Bequests.

All donated items become the property of the school system.  While the intent of the donor will be considered, the school system reserves the right to modify the use of the donation if the needs of students or the school system change.

Questions about donations to a particular school should be first addressed with that school. General questions about donations should be directed to the superintendent's office.