• Did you have questions about attendance?

    Our school attendance policy can be found below:


    Tardies and early checkouts can interfere with learning and should happen only in emergencies or when
    absolutely necessary. It is essential that your child attend school each day. Regular attendance along with the
    responsibility of studying and participating in school activities is vital to the learning process. For the safety of
    our children all parents must sign in and receive a visitors’ pass anytime while on campus and sign out when
    leaving so that we know how many people are on campus in the case of an emergency.

    Tardies- A student who is tardy misses academic instruction that may lead to learning deficits. If a
    student is tardy, the parent or guardian must sign him/her in at the office and office personnel will
    issue a tardy pass. If you check your student out of school before 2:30 this counts as a tardy. Excessive morning
    or afternoon tardies will result in a letter being sent home from the school social worker.

    Early Check Outs- Classroom instruction continues until regular dismissal time, therefore, please do
    not check students out early unless absolutely necessary. Students who need to check out early must be
    signed out in the front office by a parent or guardian. A note must be sent if someone else will pick up your
    child and that person should have picture ID ready to show office personnel. Your child will be
    called to the office by office staff to be dismissed. In order for our afternoon operations to run smoothly
    and safely, there will be no early checkouts after 2:30 p.m. Students will NOT be called out of
    classrooms or off of the bus after 2:30 because they will be in transition at this time. Students will be called
    to the office once the parent arrives. Any changes in regular transportation must be put in writing in
    advance. Absolutely no bus or car rider changes will be taken over the phone at any time. Any permanent
    change in transportation will need to be done in person at the front office.

    Absences- When a student is absent, a written note should be presented to the teacher on the day the
    student returns in order for the absence to be excused. No note=unexcused absence.
    Letters will be sent home when a child accumulates 3, 6 and 10 unexcused absences in accordance with the NC
    compulsory attendance law. According to state law, the records of a student with 10 or more unexcused
    absences results in the records being turned over to the social worker and/or court system for further action.
    NOTE: The accumulation of frequent unexcused absences may result in the necessity of providing a
    doctor’s note in order for any additional absences to be considered excused.
    Educational Family Trips- If a trip is educational in nature, the absence may be excused. The parent
    must apply for the trip to be excused by completing a form prior to the planned trip. The form may be
    picked up in the office. Arrangements to make up missed work must be made with the teacher prior
    to the trip. Forms must be turned in 5 days prior to the trip for approval.
    Make-up work- In order for students to keep up with missed work, the following procedures should be
    Students who are tardy or check out early are expected to turn in all assignments completed
    the next school day.

    Parents of students who leave school because of sickness or if they are absent all day should
    make arrangements with the teacher to set up due dates for missed assignments and dates to
    make up tests. All work should be returned and made up no later than 3 school days


    Also, note that students are expected to be at school for 240 minutes or 4 hours to be counted as present for the day.  If you drop your child off late and then pick them up early, they may be marked absent if they have not been in school for the total of 240 minutes. 


    Linked are resources to help you understand the impact of repeated absences as well as information about when to keep your child home from school. 


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