• Our Mission

    LCLA will provide all students the opportunities to succeed in academics and character development in a safe, structured, and supportive learning environment. 


    Our Vision

    LCLA empowers students in an effort to reduce suspension, increase student achievement and improve school and classroom climate. We offer an involved and caring staff, a positive atmosphere and opportunities for parent involvement. Our school employs a variety of instructional and behavioral strategies in a technology integrated environment with a low student-teacher ratio. LCLA students return to their base schools with strategies and tools which enable them to be successful.


    Our Values

    Our main value is that of respect. Many of our young people are here as a result of their feeling of disrespect and how they responded to that feeling, which places them in a situation where ineffective choices are made. It is our plan to create a caring environment, where students have the ability to add "tools" to their tool chest that will help them become successful. Our available resources will help students develop those skills that allow them to have the confidence to understand respect.