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  • We call it SEA. As in Summer Enrichment Academy. It's like summer school. Only much, much better -- six weeks of summer learning and face-to-face fun. It's open to all students K-12 and it begins June 14. Along with the instruction students need in core subjects like math and reading, SEA will incorporate fun enrichment activities guaranteed to make this summer memorable. Here are the basics about SEA:

    Dates: June 14-July 22, 2021 (Monday-Thursday with July 5th holiday)

    Times: 7:50 a.m.-3 p.m.



    Moss Hill (for Moss Hill, Pink Hill & Southwood students)

    Northwest (for Northeast, Northwest & Southeast students)

    Contentnea-Savannah (for Banks, CSS K-5 and La Grange students)

    Middle School

    Frink (for FMS & CSS Middle School students)

    Kinston High School (for Rochelle Middle School students)

    Woodington (for Woodington Middle School students)

    High School

    Kinston High School

    North Lenoir High School

    South Lenoir High School

    *Note: Students will be enrolled according to their current grade; for example, a student who is an eighth grader this school year will attend a middle school location rather than a high school. Elementary, middle or high school locations may be adjusted based on enrollment numbers or student needs


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    Let LCPS know you're interested

    It's easy. Parents/caretakers, let LCPS know that the Summer Enrichment Academy is a good fit for your students. Call the school your student would attend based on the grade-level list above. There's a process in place to take your information and to let you know if there's a wait list, which is more likely in the elementary grades. We are actively recruiting middle and high school students who could beneift from the additional summer instruction, but LCPS will consider enrollment for all students regardless of how deep we are into the summer school schedule.