Apple Distinguished School

    We are pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2023-2026 for inspiring, imagining and impacting teaching and learning schoolwide through continuous innovation.

Our Story

  • Banks Elementary strives to prepare our students to be productive citizens in an ever-changing global economy by supporting individualized learning paths. Our Apple devices allow for equal access for all students, improve digital literacy, support teachers by preparing our students for the future, as well as increase creativity and critical thinking skills, and collaboration.


  • In a world driven by technology, we give our students choice by providing multiple modalities of learning. Students have increased autonomy when allowed to have a voice in decision making which promotes higher engagement and a love of learning. Students and staff members work with each other to build understanding, solve challenges, and contribute to the world. The school builds a community where everyone belongs and is committed to creating growth opportunities for every student.


  • If you take a tour of our school, you will see students collaborating to design authentic learning products.  Students have a criteria, but they are given a choice on how to showcase their learning.  Students work with peers, teachers, parents, and even community members to produce inquiry based learning projects. Students are encouraged to utilize creative expression while making decisions about their own learning.


  • Our school’s success in our community is celebrated throughout our school and throughout our community. We promote our school success by sharing through our school Facebook page, as well as on our school’s website.  We also share our successes at our monthly school board meetings and teacher advisory council meetings.  Students throughout our county share what they have learned and created with our school board members at these meetings.  Students showcase their work at our annual Gifted Gala and Science Fair, which are open to the public.