Apple Distinguished School

    We are pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2023-2026 for inspiring, imagining and impacting teaching and learning schoolwide through continuous innovation.

Our Story

  • Our school staff works tirelessly to prepare our students for a future outside of the high poverty, rural community in which we are surrounded. Our vision for learning includes equipping students with technology skills that will prepare them for any workplace; providing content instruction that challenges them, while also creating the groundwork for life-long learning; and teaching positive behavior that will develop successful citizens in the future. 


  • Our school provides opportunities to create, explore, and investigate content that sparks joy for students and encourages them to dig deeper into subject areas.  Teachers offer differentiated assignments to allow students to have ownership over their work and learning. While challenging students, the learning environment works to meet both their basic needs and academic needs, and fosters a culture where students are excited to come to school and learn. 


  • Our school cultivates an inclusive, learner-centric environment that encourages students to chart their educational journey. Our one-to-one iPad program assists us in creating a personalized, project-based curriculum that fosters autonomy, critical thinking, and creativity. Students are also given the opportunity to shape their school community through active participation in decision-making bodies. Furthermore, we offer a diverse array of elective courses, clubs, and extracurricular activities, empowering students with the freedom to explore their interests and passions. This holistic approach ensures our students not only excel academically, but also become responsible, self-directed learners and active, responsible citizens.


  • Our successes are shared in newsletters to staff, students, and parents; through social media updates; and in community events with our PTA, school alumni association, local churches, and other organizations. We highlight students’ successes in our local newspaper and celebrate academic achievements with awards recognition ceremonies. We have made it a priority to foster strong community engagement and partnerships, and parental support is a vital part of our success.  We also participate in a Digital Learning Showcase by students and teachers at a Board of Education meeting, which is open to the public and aired live via a YouTube link.