Apple Distinguished School

    We are pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2023-2026 for inspiring, imagining and impacting teaching and learning schoolwide through continuous innovation.

Our Story

  • Our school’s vision is to ensure all students are prepared for 21st century learning. This is accomplished by fostering a well rounded education that combines academic knowledge with social-emotional development, critical-thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. Students are encouraged to explore, create and develop a broad range of skills. We embrace each students’ strengths, interests, and learning styles to implement personalized learning approaches that incorporate technology to adapt instruction and content to meet students at their readiness levels.


  • At our school, all students have access to iPads that can be used at both school and home for learning. We create learning environments that encourage students to have a choice in their learning and connect learning to real world applications. This often sparks curiosity, which leads to self-exploration, research, and experimentation. The innovative use of gamification, hands-on activities, and interactive elements are woven into the learning process. Digital work samples of students are often showcased in our school’s weekly newsletter to promote a love of digital learning, allowing students to share their successes. 


  • Our teachers cultivate a positive learning environment where students feel safe to express thoughts, ask questions and take risks. Students are often given choices in their learning. We provide multiple ways to demonstrate learning based on students’ interests and learning styles through choice boards and alternate center activities.  We foster a growth mindset encouraging students to believe their abilities can be developed through effort, practice, and persistence. We actively listen to students' perspectives through the use of discussions, surveys and polls. Implementing these strategies inspires students to take ownership of their learning, eading to increased motivation, engagement and academic success. 


  • Our school’s successes are shared beyond the school community through social media and our school website that we keep current. We have academic teams that participate in district competitions. Our school’s distinctions are shared with our district public relations officer and our local television stations and news press to assist us in releasing events, celebrations and academic awareness. Our Communications Committee of teachers seeks and maintains partnerships with local businesses and organizations. We have a strong partnership with a local church and business agency that contributes to mentoring students and highlighting the positive impact of the school in the community.