• PBIS stands for Positive Behavior and Intervention Support Program.  Northwest has a very strong PBIS system in place.  The goals of our PBIS program are as follows:


    1 - To promote a culture of tolerance, acceptance, respect and good will towards others within the school and in the community.


    2 - To provide a safe, caring environment for all students where they enjoy learning and want to attend school everyday.


    3 - To manage classroom behavior, reduce interruptions and increase learning time.


    4 - To encourage teachers and all support staff to use positive language 4:1 when interacting with students.  


    5 - To encourage teachers and all support staff to use multiple interventions and support to meet the needs of every student and help them be successful.


    6 - To reduce out of school suspensions.  Children learn best when they are in school receiving direct instruction from their classroom teacher.


    Northwest students and staff members are encourages to SOAR every day but being: