• School Improvement Team 

    School Improvement Teams are required by the state of North Carolina under NC General Statute 115C-105.27

    Teams are required to develop school imrpovement plans that set goals and allow team members to collaborate on ways to achieve the needs of the school. Team members include the principal, representatives of the assistant principals, intructional peronnel, instructional support personnel, teacher assistants, and parents of children enrolled in the school. These representatives are elected by their respective groups or departments. 

    The General Assembly of North Carolina believes parental involvement as a critical componet of school success and positive student achievement. It is the intenet of North Carolina that parents, along with teachers, have a substational role in developing school improvement plans. 


    View our plan at http://www.indistar.org/

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    Meeting Dates 

    June 5 

    July 19

    Aug 5 


    Meetings are held at Southwood Elementary at 3:30