Our History

  • La Grange Elementary School embodies more that 150 years of educational history. This long-standing pride in education dates back to at least 1870, when students were instructed at the La Grange Academy and the Kinsey Seminar of Learning. As the result of a state study, the LCPS Board of Education decided to embark upon the process of consolidating schools. There were more than 50 two-and three-room schools spread throughout the county, but the board decided these schools were "generally unconducive to learning".  With the county-wide redistricting in late 1923, plans were made to build four new schools- two on each side of the Neuse River. These schools would begin educating the youth of Lenoir County in 1924.  In 1948, a local population boom and the addition of a mandatory 12th grade created a need for another building on the La Grange campus. The original building was used for high school students, while elementary students used the new building. In 1964, with the county consolidation into a two high school system, the campus became home to the kindergarten through eighth grade students. In 1970, seventh and eighth students were distributed to Frink Junior High School. Grade level configuarations shifted again in 1981 with the county switching from a junior high to a middle school system, therefore allowing sixth graders to attend Frink, now known as E.B. Frink Middle School. The historic Kinsey Building was abandoned in 2002, after nearly 80 years. It was demolished in 2006. An adminstration building is located between the gym and the original site of the Kinsey Building. The construction was completed in 2008, which led to the dedication of the current building in 2009.

    Did you know...

    • The mascot of La Grange Elementary School used to be a bulldog? The mascot was changed to a wildcat in 1970.
    • La Grange Elementary School was built on the former site of the La Grange Academy and the Kinsey Seminar of Learning? Prior to becoming La Grange Elementary School, the school was known as La Grange High School. La Grange Elementary School came into existence in 1964. "A wood-framed school built at the site of the former La Grange Academy became La Grange High School. It was built with about 12 classrooms and an auditorium and is sometimes referred to as the Kinsey Building." -Justin Hill, "The Free Press", 2011
    • La Grange Elementary School has been renovated four times? The most recent renovation concluded in 2008, with the addition of a two-story building.
    • The gymnasium-still used today- was added in 1953?