Battle of the Books

  • Elementary Battle of the Books is a program that challenges students to read a selection of novels and compete as a team in answering various questions. The purpose of Elementary Battle of the books is to motivate students to read, monitor their own comprehension, and become active participants in book discussions.

    Battle of the Books encourages students to read quality literature on a variety of topics and themes. The books are written at different levels that will both challenge and entertain student. Through Elementary Battle of the Books, we strive to promote a love for literature and the important character education goals of teamwork, respect, and good sportsmanship.

    Elementary Battle of the Books – Lenoir County Public Schools

6 students sitting at a table
  • Our Battle of the Books team is coached by our media coordinator, Mrs. Cindy Pendergraph and Mrs. Judy Harrison, 5th grade teacher. These students read 15 books and prepare to answer very detailed questions. Why is it difficult?  The books they read have the same theme, same character type, and simliar plot lines. Our ravenous readers took home 2nd place this school year.