All-County Chorus performs

Learning Plus

  • All knowledge isn’t contained in books and all learning doesn’t happen in the classroom. Because Lenoir County Public Schools values the instructive nature of experience, our schools recognize the benefits of student participation in extracurricular activities.

    Participation in the array of clubs and opportunities for student expression offered in our schools develops students’ interpersonal and leadership skills, builds confidence, encourages community service and, in many cases, introduces young people to a passion they will nurture for a lifetime.

    School bands and choruses, student government groups, competitions that promote reading or a love of science, clubs that cultivate interest in everything from agriculture to art – these and other  comprise an integral measure of the LCPS experience and are central to our mission of helping young people mature into successful, fulfilled adults.

    Obviously, we want our students to study hard and make good grades, but we also encourage them to sample the variety of opportunities for personal growth that their school’s club and activities offer.