Front of School


  • In 1923, Contentnea became the first consolidated school in Lenoir County, an effort that combined several one-room schools into a central location on Grainger Station Road. Savannah opened 29 years later in 1952, as a consolidated school for the black students in the Contentnea Creek area. When consolidation was completed in 1957, Savannah was the largest school in the county with nearly 1,500 students. It also marked Lenoir County as the first system in the state to consolidate a county-wide basis. Since Savannah was built to contain grades one through 12, original construction plans called for a library and cafeteria as well as a shop. Four years later a gymnaisum was added. 

    The two schools remained as segregated unionized schools until 1964 when Contentnea became the feeder school for the newly formed North Lenoir High School. In 1970, integration required Contentnea to become an elementary school, while Savannah became a middle-grades school. Contentnea served as the sole feeder to Savannah, and Savannah was one of two feeder schools to North Lenoir, along with Frink. 

    The district remained in this configuration for over 35 years. In 2006, Lenoir Conty voters approved a $69.7 million school construction bond that cleared the way for work to begin to modernize Lenoir County Schools' facilities and the decision was made to combine the elementary and the middle schools. 

    The new school was built between the two existing schools, and with 118,616 square feet the school cost nearly $18 million to build. 

    Quick Facts:

    • Contentnea Elementary (est. 1964) and Savannah Middle (est. 1983) merged to become Contentnea-Savannah K-8 School (CSS) in 2009
    • History of Principals: Principals Kay Blizzard/Brian Yarborough (2009-), Frances Herring (-), Amy Jones (-), and Rhonda Greene (-Present)
    • History of Assistant Principals: Janet Stivers-Blaebaum (2009-), Michael Moon (2017-2020), Heather Lancaster (2020-Present)
    • Our school colors are navy blue and yellow
    • Since its doors opened, the mascot has been the Cougar
    • CSS 8th graders attend North Lenoir High School upon commencement
    • The current enrollment is 904 students
    • Jerry Stackhouse (1994 Sports Illustrated College Basketball Player of the Year and two-time NBA All-Star) is a famous alum of both Contentnea Elementary and Savannah Middle School.