Members of the Elementary Battle of the Books
CSS Middle School Battle of the Books team

Battle of the Books

  • Advisor: Traci Banks

    Battle of the Books is a program that encourages reading and exposes students to quality literature.  The selections represent a variety of genres and viewpoints. The CSS program supports two teams which read the books.  One team is for middle school students. It is called Middle School Battle of the Books. The other CSS team is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students.  It is known as Elementary Battle of the Books. Each team consists of a maximum of 12 members.

    Requirements as a team member include: reading a list of assigned books, compiling questions for each of the books read, testing on the books with purchased databases, meeting regularly during and after school for preparation, and maintaining appropriate behavior during the process. Each member is expected to fulfill all academic responsibilities for his/her classes in addition to participating on the team.

    The teams face other students in the district in head to head competition where they answer specific questions related to the books on the list.  Six students compete in each round. The game format is intended to create interest and excitement. Even though the competition creates an element of excitement, participants should remember that the heart of Battle of the Books is to promote reading, not necessarily winning.

    Interested students should speak with their teachers and the media coordinator regarding qualifications and expectations.