• The 2017-2018 state budget of $23 billion became effective July 1, 2017, and provided teachers with a 3.3% average raise, and a 9.6% average raise over the next two years. Principals and assistant principals received raises of 8.6% and 13.4%, respectively, over two years. LCPS teachers receive a local supplement of $2,000 annually.

    The new Certified Educators Schedules are listed below; please note, your state rate is based on your degree level and number of completed years of experience as determined by the North Carolina Department of Instruction. All salaries certified shown in our schedules are based on at 10-month contract year. For information on installment pay or dividing your 10-month salary over 12 payments, please contact payroll.

    All licensed staff members are paid on state adopted salary schedules based on type of license, years of experience and degree held. Salary information for all positions is posted in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 2017-2018 Salary Schedule.