Members of the National Elementary Honor Society

National Elementary Honor Society

  • Advisor: April Modlin

    The purpose of the National Elementary Honor Society is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility, to provide meaningful service to the school and community, and to develop essential leadership skills.

    NEHS Selection:

    Only prospective members from 4th and 5th grades will be considered for National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) membership at the end of the first semester.  Members are liable for dismissal if they do not maintain the standards that are used as a basis for their selection. The following requirements must be met to be considered a candidate for membership or to remain in the society.

    Scholastic Requirements:

    Students must receive no grade lower than an 85 to be considered as a candidate for membership into the NEHS.   

    Conduct Requirements:

    Members of the NEHS are required to maintain outstanding or satisfactory conduct grades.  Course conduct grades will be reviewed each grading period. Rules governing student behavior apply to conduct in the hallways and all school functions, such as field trips, ball games, assemblies and school-sponsored trips.

    After induction into the society, students receiving discipline notices resulting in ISS will receive a warning letter and will be placed on probation.  Students receiving bus discipline notices or bus suspensions will receive a warning letter and will be placed on probation. A student given OSS will have his/her membership canceled automatically.

    Warning Letter:

    Once a member of the NEHS, a student will receive a warning letter for any of the following infractions:

    • earning a grade lower than an 85

    • earning a conduct grade below satisfactory

    • ISS

    • bus discipline notice or bus suspension

    • failure to uphold the qualifications of leadership, service, character and citizenship

    Only one warning letter will be allowed during membership.  Students who receive a warning letter will be placed on probation for one nine-week grading period.  Probation means that limitations, as determined by advisors, will be placed on club participation. Any default in grades or conduct thereafter will result in dismissal.  If a member is dismissed for any reason, written notice will be sent to the member and his/her parents. Reinstatement is prohibited once a student’s membership has been canceled.

Members of the Middle Grades National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

  • Advisor: Mary Riddick

    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an academic club for eligible 7th & 8th graders.  At the end of the first semester of 7th grade year, students who have a cumulative average of 90 or above (average must be 90 exactly; no rounding), including their cumulative average from 6th grade, will be issued an invitation to join the NJHS.  Eighth grade students will have their 7th grade cumulative average combined with their first semester average from 8th grade to determine eligibility.  Officers are elected in the spring of the school year. 

    Inductions are held in February or March of each school year.  Parents are invited for the induction and for a reception that follows. 

    Each year, NJHS members participate in 1-2 service projects for the school or community.  Service projects include raising money for the local SPCA, beautification projects around the campus, and clothing or food drives at the holidays.  

    Students must maintain their 90 cumulative average each grading period to stay inducted.  They must also adhere to citizenship and conduct guidelines as they are representatives of the school.  Once a student has been dismissed from the honor society, they are not eligible to be re-inducted during their time at CSS.  
    Detailed information will be sent home at the beginning of the year with 7th grade students.  Dues to join NJHS are $20 at the time invitations are issued.