Becoming a Phoenix

  • During the Spring semester, Early College staff will visit each middle school to provide information about our program to potential students. 

    There will be Parent Nights at Lenoir County Early College High School on the Lenoir Community College Campus scheduled within the Spring semester as well.
     Applications for the Early College High School program will be available at each middle school on the day of their scheduled assembly.  Applications can also be downloaded below.
    We are looking for students who have the following characteristics:
    • Hardworking
    • Motivated
    • Desire to obtain education beyond high school
    • Works well with others
    • Open to new experiences and people
    • Ready for something different 
    • Positive attitude
    Lenoir County Early College High School is a unique environment that gives Lenoir County students an awesome opportunity.  Students must apply in 8th grade and can only enter as 9th graders at the beginning of our school year. 
    Our students academic levels are very diverse.  Grades and test scores play a role in our decision making, but they are not the only factors.  We look at attendance, teacher recommendations, writing samples and demographics.  We do our best to reflect the population of Lenoir County with a focus on 1st generation college goers. 
  • We invite prospective students and their parents to our Recruitment Nights on

    January 28th & February 4th

    at 6:00 pm

    in the auditorium of the Administration Building

    on the Lenoir Community College Campus.