Student Transfer Policy

  • Goals of Student Transportation Services, Policy 6300, now provides specific rules regarding student ridership to and from schools within Lenoir County but outside of their normal attendance zones. Except as otherwise provided in board policies, the board will provide school transportation services for students residing outside of their designated school assignment areas ONLY as noted below and subject to the following priority:

    1. Students attending a school-specific academic program which is not offered at their designated school;
    2. Students who are children of current Lenoir County Public Schools employees; and
    3. Students who apply and are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis to use existing available transportation seating within the bus routes being used for in-district transportation of students.

    To ensure equity when identifying first-come, first-serve, we have created an online application for our intra-district transfer requests. All intra-district transfer requests must be completed using the online application whether transportation is being requested or not. A time stamp will be provided to determine first-come, first serve.

    Principals at receiving schools will then decide if the transfer request will be accepted or denied. If a transfer request is accepted, our Transportation Department will be notified and seat availability shall be determined. If there is seating capacity available, the parent/guardian will be notified after the first 10 days of school. Seating capacity should not be expected during the first 10 days of school and is not guaranteed for the entire school year. If at any point during the school year a student who resides in the school attendance zones requires transportation, that student has seating priority. Please understand that bus seating availability will be limited and no bus routes will be altered to accommodate students attending their normal attendance zones.

    Intra-district transfer requests must be completed by using the online form made available in the spring prior to the next school year. If you have any questions regarding the out-of-district transfer request policy and or procedure, please ask your principal.

    Intra-district transfer request form