Plans & Procedures

  • Information from Lenoir County Public Schools regarding the coronavirus outbreak

    Updated 10 a.m., Saturday, April 25

    Gov. Roy Cooper, the State Board of Information and LCPS have announced the following information of importance to students and parents:

    • Public schools in North Carolina will be closed "for normal operations" for the remainder of the school year. That order means classes are cancelled. LCPS continues to staff our schools and Central Services and administrators are available to respond to parents/caregivers by phone and email.
    • Remote learning will continue for LCPS students through May 21, the last day of school on the 2019-2020 academic calendar.
    • The State Board of Education has approved the following recommendations on grading policy for K-11 students:
      • Grades K-5 
        • Students will receive no final grade in grades K-5.
        • Instead of a final grade, teachers will provide year-end feedback for students regarding learning from the full academic school year, using a format determined locally.
        • Teachers will document individual student strengths and needs from both an academic and social/emotional perspective to ensure an effective transition from the spring 2020 remote learning process to the 2020-21 academic year.
      • Grades 6-8
        • Students in grades 6-8 will receive a Pass “PC19” or Withdrawal “WC19” for the final course grades for all middle school courses.
        • A student’s grade will be held harmless for learning after March 13.
        • PC19 will be assigned to any student who was meeting expectations and passing the course as of March 13 or who worked to improve to the point of passing after March 13 through remote learning.
        • WC19 will be assigned to any student who was not passing the course as of March 13 and who was unable to improve to the point of passing the course through remote learning opportunities. A middle school course grade of WC19 does not equate to a failing course grade nor does it indicate that a grade retention should occur or that the course must be repeated. The grade WC19 simply indicates a lack of evidence of mastery of standards addressed in the particular content area.
        • Teachers will document individual student strengths and needs from both an academic and social/emotional perspective to ensure an effective transition from the spring 2020 remote learning process to the 2020-21 academic year.
        • High school courses taken in middle school will follow the grading options presented below for high school students, with the understanding that if there is a numeric grade on the transcript it will not be calculated in the high school GPA per SBE policy, Course for Credit, CCRE-001.
        • Due to COVID-19, NCDPI developed a new grade scale in PowerSchool to move from Pass/Fail to Pass/Withdraw. “PC19” and “WC19” have been added into PowerSchool.
      •  Grades 9-11
        • Students in grades 9-11 and non-graduating seniors will be awarded final grades based on the following grading system for the 2019-20 school year:
          • Current Spring 2020 Courses:
            • Students will be given a choice for how each final course grade will appear on the transcript for both year-long and semester courses currently in progress.
            • Students will have two options for each final course grade: ▪ Numeric grade, the highest grade representing learning as of March 13 or as improved through the semester as remote learning continued or ▪ PC19 or WC19.
            • Students will determine how each final course grade will appear on the transcript at the end of the semester after advising from the teacher/school and in consultation with the parent/guardian.
            • When students choose to report a numeric grade as the final grade on the transcript, the numeric grade will be calculated into the cumulative GPA, following the guidelines in SBE policy GRAD-009.
            • When students choose to report a PC19 or WC19 as the final grade on the transcript, there is no GPA impact when using these grades.
            • When students in a yearlong course choose a PC19 or WC19 for the spring portion of the course, the fall term grade will be counted into the GPA. Clear directions for PowerSchool will come at a later date.
    • LCPS will be sharing specific information with parents/caregivers and students next week about the grading process and initial information about end-of-year activities including high school graduations, awards day programs, promotion exercises and other events.
    • Also, Altice USA is extending its free internet for students until the end of the 2019-2020 school year to help students and schools stay connected to online teaching and learning. Sign up online or email Altice or learn more online at

    Updated 9:45 a.m., Tuesday, March 31

    The grab-and-go feeding program continues to operate as an essential service while North Carolinians are living under a stay-at-home order from the governor. LCPS asks that people who come to our schools or our bus stops to pick up meals follow safety guidelines regarding social distancing. A hot lunch and next-day breakfast are available to Lenoir County youth 18 and under and all LCPS students regardless of age at five school sites -- Kinston, North Lenoir and South Lenoir high schools, Southeast Elementary and E.B. Frink Middle -- and at bus stops around the county. School sites are open 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The bus delivery schedule is here.

    The State Board of Education and the N.C. Department of Public Instruction has provided information on standardized testing, Class of 2020 graduation and other aspects of the school year affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Information of general interest includes:

    • Waivers for end-of-grade and end-of course testing and for North Carolina final exams.
    • Instructions to school districts to work with seniors on a path to graduation to facilitate their receiving a diploma this spring. Deputy State Superintendent David Stegall has provided this video in an effort to answer questions about graduation. The state board has instructed school districts to:
      • pass high school seniors based on their performance in classes of March 13 — the last day before schools were closed.
      • grade on a pass-or-fail basis as opposed to the traditional letter grading of A-F
      • provide additional remote learning courses to help students who failed

    Gov. Cooper's stay-at-home order has reduced the number of staff actually on site at our schools. LCPS has encouraged teachers and adminstrators to work from home as much as possible and provided guidance on maintaining the safety of other employees whose jobs require them to be on site. However, parents and students can still contact schools by phone and email. Here is contact information for our schools.

    Learning packets for students without reliable internet access are now available from schools. Parents/caregivers and students who need to pick up the packets of assignments for the next two weeks should contact their school(s).

    Updated 7:32 p.m., Sunday, March 22

    Beginning Monday, the grab-and-go feeding program will include delivery of meals by bus to locations around the county. The delivery schedule is here. Buses will be at each stop for approximately 15 minutes. Meal pick-up sites will continue to operate as they did last week at five school cafeterias from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (See Saturday's update.)

    Eastern Carolina Broadband is making free high-speed internet access available in the parking lot of the Pink Hill Wellness Center from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

    Updated 12:36 p.m., Saturday, March 21

    Except for cafeterias where meals will continue to be served next week (see below), our schools are closed to visitors. They continue to be staffed and parents with questions or needs should call their school.

    LCPS's grab-and-go feeding program is active at five locations -- South Lenoir, North Lenoir and Kinston high schools, Southeast Elementary and E.B. Frink Middle. The sites are open weekdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. All youth 18 and younger and all LCPS students regardless of age can receive a bag lunch and next-day breakfast; adults can pick up the meals for students. On Friday, the cafeterias distributed more than 3,400 meals -- nearly double the number distributed on Tuesday when the program began. We encourage families to take advantage of this service.

    Updated 4:15 p.m., Wednesday, March 18

    Optional workdays for LCPS personnel will continue through March 27, barring a directive to the contrary.

    School buildings will be staffed during regular hours, but it's a good idea to call before you visit.

    Our remote learning plan has been activated and assignments for this period of school closure have been provided to students. Teachers are communicating with students through the learning management systems used in class and have set up virtual office hours to field questions via Zoom. If you have questions about remote learning or problems accessing an assignment or app, please contact the school or teacher.

    Closing of public libraries in the Neuse Regional Library System will not affect students' ability to use the library's digital resources. All LCPS students have access to online resources with their student ID and the NRL StudentAccess Program. All resources can be accessed using a Student ID number as the Library Card Number and the last four digits of the Student ID as the pin. Additionally, library reference staff will be available from 9-5 each weekday by phone (252-527-7066, Ext. 134) and email ( 

    Updated 9:06 a.m., Tuesday, March 17

    Today is an optional workday for LCPS personnel. School buildings are open today to assist students and parents who need to retrieve items left last week; if possible, please contact the school before showing up.

    "Grab-and-go" feeding sites are open from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. weekays for youth 18 and younger at:

    • Kinston High
    • North Lenoir High
    • South Lenoir High
    • E.B. Frink Middle
    • Southeast Elementary

    Our Child Nutrition staff is distributing bag lunches and next-day breakfasts. Parents are allowed to pick up meals for their children. No on-site dining is allowed.

    In addition to cancellations listed below, LCPS has now cancelled:

    • All district and school events and meetings scheduled for March
    • Out-of-county travel by LCPS personnel
    • Autism Awareness Fair, scheduled for April.
    • Spring Special Olympics, originally scheduled for April, in accordance with a state directive.

    Updated 7:20 p.m., Sunday, March 15

    School buildings will be open from 2-5:30 p.m. Monday, March 16, so students and parents can:

    • Retrieve personal items and school-issued iPads not taken home Friday
    • Pick up learning packets and information on digital access that will allow students to remain engaged in learning while classes are suspended
    • Check out up to five books from their school's media center

    "Grab-and-go" lunch sites will open Tuesday from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for youth 18 and younger at:

    • Kinston High
    • North Lenoir High
    • South Lenoir High
    • E.B. Frink Middle
    • Southeast Elementary

    Updated 9:43 p.m., Saturday, March 14

    In response to Gov. Roy Cooper's executive order closing all public schools in the state for at least two weeks effective Monday, March 16:

    • LCPS has designated Monday, March 16, as a required teacher workday.
    • Schools will be open for students and parents to recover any educational or personal items that they may need during the time our schools are closed.
    • Monday also will be an opportunity for parents and students to pick up any school-issued iPads that they might not have already. More information on school access Monday will be provided Sunday afternoon.
    • District and school administrators, the district's curriculum team and school Digital Learning Specialists have been working for several days on a framework for instructional support that employs LCPS's extensive digital resources. That plan for online learning is now being refined and will be relayed to parents as soon as possible.
    • Because many of our students depend on meals they receive at school to meet nutritional requirements, LCPS plans to open feeding sites at select locations around the county. Specific information about that child nutrition program will be provided as soon as possible.

    Because the situation with coronavirus is evolving, LCPS plans and procedures will evolve. These are current directives as of March 13.

    Field trips

    • Out-of-district field trips are cancelled until further notice.
    • In-district field trips and competitions are allowed at the discretion of the principal.
    • Out-of-state travel for employees is cancelled until further notice. 

    District Events and Meetings

    • No new district events will be scheduled until further notice.
    • All district events involving the community (concerts, drama productions, etc.) that are scheduled for March are postponed.
    • All scheduled events are subject to change.

    School Events and Meetings

    • School events involving the community that are scheduled for March are postponed.
    • Parent meetings and other small-scale gatherings at schools may be held as scheduled at the discretion of the principal.
    • Events scheduled for April and beyond are subject to change.


    • In keeping with the directive of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, all sports competitions are cancelled through April 6 for our high schools and middle schools.
    • LCPS has extended this prohibition on sports participation to include practices, individual workouts and informal intrasquad competition, effective March 12.

    Facility Use

    • Current contracted facility use of LCPS buildings will be reviewed as conditions warrant.
    • No new building rentals will be allowed until further notice.

    School Visitors/Volunteers

    • Visitors/volunteers are asked to help protect schools against the spread of germs by refraining from visiting if they are experiencing symptoms of illness or if they are aware of exposure to illness.
    • Visitors/volunteers should be aware of public health guidance that places people over 65 years of age or people with underlying medical conditions in a category of heightened vulnerability.


    What if our schools close

    • Because of our digital capabilities, where all K-12 students and teachers have iPads and other Apple devices, LCPS is well positioned for remote learning. Teachers are preparing lessons that will be conveyed to students via document management systems they use every day. Instructional packages will be provided students who do not have reliable internet connection.
    • LCPS will take advantage of relaxed USDA rules governing school lunches during this emergency to provide meals to students 18 years and younger. The district’s summer feeding program provides a proven template for making meals available to students when schools are closed, although other procedures may be employed if deemed more appropriate.