• Q. What is “fully remote learning?”

    The LCPS At Home Fully Remote Option is available to students whose families prefer a virtual learning environment rather than the hybrid model that blends specified days of in-person instruction at school with remote learning on the remaining weekdays.

    This fully remote learning option is available to any LCPS students whose parents/caretakers register them for that program.

    Q. What is the difference between the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option and homeschool?

    Homeschool is a parent-directed education. Homeschool parents can choose an individualized curriculum that reflects their own beliefs and ideas about instruction. Parents are the teachers in a homeschool. Curriculum, materials and activities are all organized and paid for by the parent. In a homeschool, the parent is responsible for the instruction and record keeping.

    In contrast, the LCPS fully remote option is associated with the school district despite the instruction occurring in the home environment. Instruction will follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for all subjects. A rich, comprehensive curriculum will be provided for students in grades K-12. All materials are provided by the school district. A certified LCPS teacher provides instruction and oversees the curriculum and progress of the student. Fully remote students have access to school activities to include field trips, clubs, award days and graduation ceremonies.

    Even within a fully remote learning environment, parents play an important role in the success of their child. Younger students may need support to login to the iPad/learning platform and follow the schedule provided by the classroom teacher. Middle and high school students will still need monitoring for completion of assignments and communication with classroom teachers. Parents are important partners in a student’s success regardless of the learning environment.

    Q: How do I know if the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option is a good fit for my child?

    Fully remote learning is not necessarily the best fit for all children. This style of teaching and learning requires that the student remain engaged in the coursework despite not being in the physical classroom. Students and families must effectively communicate with the classroom teacher, manage their time well and follow all assignment deadlines. If your student did well during the period of remote learning with which LCPS opened the school year, he or she would probably be a good candidate to continue as a Fully Remote student.

    Q. Who will provide the instruction?

    Instruction in the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option will be provided by licensed LCPS teachers.

    Q: When are classes offered?

    Inistruction for students whose families choose the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Option begins on September 28 and concludes on the last day indicated on the traditional calendar. Students will still be enrolled in their base/districted school but must indicate that they wish to participate in the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option.

    Q. If students are learning from home, how will their attendance at school be counted?

    The system for taking attendance will not change from that used during LCPS’s initial phase of remote learning. Students are required to participate in the activities assigned by their classroom teacher. Attendance is defined as contact between the student and teacher and will be measured by logging into the Learning Management System used by their grade level – Seesaw for elementary and Canvas for middle and high school – and by submitting assignments, participating in online discussions and other class activities. Teachers will take attendance on a daily basis. Students who are absent for a week (5 days) will be referred to the Principal of the school.  Coaches of student athletes will also be notified when a student is absent from the class for 5 days. Students will be in danger of disciplinary action and failure of the course. 

    Q. What about grades? Will remote learning assignments be graded and recorded?

    Yes. Schoolwork will be assigned for grades at the discretion of the teacher and successful completion of this work will count toward promotion/graduation. However, LCPS is sensitive to the unique character of remote learning and has developed guidelines for teachers that emphasize the importance of frequent communication, meaningful feedback and regular assessments in evaluating student progress. These expectations apply whether the student is engaged in remote learning part-time in conjunction with in-person instruction or is engaged through the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option.

    Q. Will my child still have to take state-required End-of-Grade and End-of-Course assessments?

    All students must participate in all state and district testing. Students engaged in the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option will have to come to their base school on designated days to take these assessments.

    Q. Are students engaged in the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option considered full-fledged LCPS students?

    Yes, they have all the opportunities open to our students during a normal school year. They include:

    • the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at their base school. These activities may include field trips, activity days and clubs. Students are encouraged to partake in the activities and socialize with other students. Per the NC High School Athletic Association, students in grades 9-12 must be enrolled in at least one face-to-face class at their base high school in order to participate in athletics.
    • participation in dual enrollment courses just like any other LCPS student, provided they meet admission requirements.
    • for seniors, participation in graduation ceremonies at their assigned school.

    Q: My child has an IEP and/or a 504.  Can they still participate in the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option?

    Yes, students with an IEP and/or a 504 plan can participate. Students in the Exceptional Children’s program each have a written Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that documents goals, accommodations and strategies used to create a learning environment best suited for the student. EC students applying for the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option are essentially changing the delivery method of their instruction. As such, an IEP review has to be conducted before a child can be registered. At this meeting, it may be determined that virtual instruction is NOT the best fit for a student with special needs. 

    Q. My student receives related services through their IEP or 504. Will they still receive those services?

    Prior to registering students that receive related services, the IEP team will review the goals, delivery and frequency of services for Speech, OT and PT and determine the best method of delivery.

    Q: My student received mental health services at school via an outside agency. Will they still receive those services? 

    Yes. Your student is eligible to continue receiving those services. LCPS social workers will work with the providing agency to continue services as needed.

    Q. I want to help my children with their schoolwork but I’m not familiar with the apps they use. Can you help?

    Certainly. Whether students are engaged part-time or full-time in remote learning, help with using apps or solving technical problems is always close at hand. Tutorials on apps commonly used in remote learning classes are available through LCPS’s website. Classroom teachers are available to assist during the school day until 4 p.m. Monday-Friday and can be reached via email or phone. Face-to-face assistance is available by appointment when needed. Technical support is provided by the LCPS Technology Department.

    Q: How do I apply?

    Complete the LCPS Family Decision Form no later than September 18 or contact your child's school. Without a response from parents, students will be transitioned into the in-person hybrid option.

    Q: I have more questions about the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option. Who should I contact?

    Contact your child’s school or email info@lenoir.k12.nc.us.

    Q. Does it cost anything?

    No. The LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option is an alternative to our traditional model within LCPS and is free. Full-time students at all grade levels are issued an iPad.

    Q: Does the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option follow the traditional school calendar?

    Yes, for 2020-2021, the LCPS At Home Fully Remote Learning Option will follow the traditional school calendar.