The four-day option

  • Beginning with the second semester in January, LCPS will introduce a four-day-a-week option for K-12 students who are already on the Hybrid Option and attend schools that can accommodate an increased number of students on campus.

    Parents/caretakers of students have until Friday, Dec. 16, to apply for this option, called Plan B+. Applications are being handled through each schools and links to the online form are generally available on the school websites and Facebook pages.

    The number of students accepted for Plan B+ at a given school will depend on several factors including the school's capacity, the percentage of students on the fully remote plan and the concentration of students in a particular grade level or even a particular classroom.

    Plan B+ will operate with the same public health guidelines as the Hybrid Option, including the requirements for face covering and social distancing.

    The four-day-a-week schedule will begin Jan. 11. Students will attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will remain a remote learning day for all students and a day for deep cleaning at the schools.