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The following screenings are provided to students at certain grade levels or schools. Students at any grade with evidence of problems related to hearing, vision, dental, communicable disease or related academics will be screened or re-screened upon request.


All kindergarten students receive a dental screening by a dental hygienist.


All students in Kindergarten receive a hearing screening by trained school staff, regardless of Kindergarten Health Assessment hearing screening results. Requested hearing screenings are also completed by trained school staff. School audiologists oversee and provide follow-up for all failed hearing screenings.


Vision is screened by trained school staff or trained volunteers on all students in grades 1, 3 and 5. Vision screening is provided for Kindergartners if it is not documented on the Kindergarten Health Assessment. Screening is provided for students in other grade levels upon request by school staff. The school nurse is contacted if screening or follow-up assistance is needed.
Communicable Diseases

School personnel who observe symptoms of a possible communicable disease should contact the student’s parent or guardian. School staff may consult with the school nurse regarding a suspected communicable condition. Follow-up is provided as needed.